Welcome to Vission Design and Innovation!

Vission Design is a new Design enterprise started in October 2022.

First and foremost, I design and produce digital art. This type of digital art is completely new, in that I blend together photos, photos of models, drawings, 2d graphics and 3d virtual model renders to recreate scenes from the past and maybe the future, as well as scenes that will never be repeated, with as much vivid colour, realistic lighting and photo-realism as I possibly can.  The images are usually the end-result of a long research and design process, with historical accuracy and authenticity, wherever possible.  None of the concepts are generated by A.I.  None of the image-componants are stock images, downloads or other people’s work.  They are all blends of my own photos – places I know – and drawings, with attention-to-detail.

I am not aware of anybody, anywhere in the world who is doing this with digital transport art, in the same way. I am open to discussion for commisioned transport (or other) digital art  (other than what is offered under Services) as a lot of work and research is involved in the more complex artwork, like the images I sell directly. Please arrange a free call if you would like to discuss that.

I create visual merchandise, sold as framed images and greetings cards from those images and geometry, that I also create as artwork.

My geometry is normaly designed or planned by meself, then developed in CADD programs, before transferring to vector programs, then finished using photo-editing software,

I am also skilled and experienced in photo editing and photo colourisatation. These are offered as a service as is the evaluation of layouts, contrasts and preperation of printed matter.

Another service that I offer is the creation of cartoons from photos of people and pets.

As a teacher of design and software, with seventeen years of experience in Further Education, I also offer sotware tuition, online or home visits in the Aberdeen area (see Services for details).

My short term plan is to move into the production of broader visual and aesthetic products.

In the medium term, I would hope to patent some of my many inventions, if that proves to be practical.

This website is still very much under development and not yet fully complete. In the short-term, you can contact me, Neil at: info@vissiondesignandinnovation.com .

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